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Meet Rizwan, Your Digital Transformation Partner

With over 12 years of experience in the tech industry, I specialize in WordPress Development, DevOps, Python, and Automation. I offer Fractional CTO services to SEOs, Marketers, and Agency Owners, helping you optimize your digital operations. My team of expert WordPress developers is ready to support your projects and ensure your digital assets perform at their best.

Muhammad Rizwan

Tech visionary and founder based in Lahore, Pakistan. Leveraging a decade of multi-stack expertise to innovate, lead teams, and propel industry-forward solutions. A trusted partner in web development and all things programming.

Why Choose Me

The Three Pillars of My Expertise

👨‍💻 Decade-Long Dev Expertise

With extensive proficiency in a range of programming languages from PHP, Javascript to Python, I don’t just write code; I architect solutions that drive business goals, resolve intricate challenges, and transform creative ideas into revenue-generating ventures. My coding prowess is expansive, spanning across multiple technology stacks and languages, and has garnered acknowledgment from key industry figures—all fueled by an unquenchable thirst for solving complex challenges.

📈 A Proven Track Record

Stepping into the roles of CTO and co-founder hasn’t just made me a tech lead; it’s made me a catalyst for company growth and innovation. My leadership extends beyond coding, encompassing team guidance, revenue acceleration, and business expansion. I don’t just build software; I build companies, making me not only a developer but also a decisive strategist and an acknowledged thought leader in the technology landscape.

🎯 SEO-Optimized Success

My unique experience of collaborating with SEO giants such as Nick Eubanks and Logan Bryant has positioned me at the intersection of code, content and SEO. I craft projects that are meticulously engineered for both end-users and search engines, effectively closing the gap between technical development and SEO strategy. This balanced approach amplifies visibility, enhances user engagement, and adds undeniable value to every venture I undertake.

Trusted by Experts


Nick Eubanks, founder From the Future

Nick Eubanks
Head of Digital Asset Acquisition Semrush

“Rizwan has become one of my go to resources for all things web development and programming. He writes clean code, is a great communicator, and works fast.”

Leigh McKenzie
Head of SEO, Backlinko
Founder, UnderFit

“Rizwan is dedicated to client satisfaction and consistently delivers high-quality work. His professionalism, positive attitude, and collaborative nature make him a pleasure to work with. I wholeheartedly endorse him as an outstanding addition to any team or project.”​

Logan Bryant
Founder MetaTest Lab
Former Director, Tipalti / WorkBoard

“[Rizwan] is a person I 100% consider an A-player in custom dev work that too few teams have discovered! I’ve hired Riz on several occasions for tasks large and small. He comes through for me every single time.”​

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