Generate SQL to Create a New WordPress User via phpMyAdmin

Are you locked out of your WordPress website? Or do you just need to create a new WordPress user via PHPMyAdmin? Follow this tutorial and the tool below to generate the SQL if you’re not very tech-savvy.

Creating users manually in the database can be a tedious process, especially if you’re not familiar with SQL. With this tool, you can simply fill in the required user details, and the tool will generate the SQL queries for you.

- Auto copies the sql to clipboard
- Your password never leaves your browser

To get started, enter the desired username, password, display name, and email address in the provided fields. You can also use the advanced options to specify a custom WordPress prefix and user role if needed.

Once you’ve filled in the details, click the “Generate” button, and the tool will generate the SQL queries and copy it to the clipboard. You can then paste and execute them in phpMyAdmin to create the user in your WordPress database.

Using this tool, you can save time and effort when creating users in your WordPress site. It’s particularly useful if you need to create multiple users or if you prefer working with SQL queries directly.