Hi, I’m Rizwan

I currently work full-time for Nick Eubanks at his venture studio Super Limited Co as Lead Engineer. I also run a small web development agency here in Pakistan and recently founded Titan Dev Squad in the US to offer web development services to agencies in the US. Apart from that, I’m currently studying BSc Computer Science at University of London.

Muhammad Rizwan

your go-to Guy for all things Web Development

With nearly a decade of experience (in the industry since 2012) working as PHP developer, WordPress Developer, Backend Developer, Full Stack Developer and a couple other titles. I’m seasoned enough to work with anything thrown at me.

If you have a project/product in mind, feel free to contact me, I’ll be more than happy to help you plan and execute. You can either hire me or if I’m busy, I can get it done by my team of excellent developers.


Projects Done


Happy and Returning Clients

Technologies I’ve worked and Dabbled with

jQueryGit / GithubPython
Rizwan at Genin Level circa 2013
Genin Level (2013)
Rizwan at Jonin Level circa 2018
Jonin Level (2018)
Rizwan at Kage Level circa 2020
Kage Level (2020)

Next stop: Rikudo Level!

My journey started in 2011 when my brother brought a book his friend gave him titled “Learn HTML and CSS in Urdu”. It was in our native language and easy to learn. Soon, I started building static web pages. They were pathetic, but a giant leap for me. In 2012, I went to a software house for a job. Shahzad Ahmad, founder of (then a startup) Designsvalley, saw the passion for learning in me, trained and later hired me.

I worked with him as roles including PHP Developer, WordPress Developer, Team Lead and after working for 5 years, left in 2017 to freelance full-time.

During my freelancing period (2017-2020) I worked with some amazing clients and companies, and gained so much experience.

In 2020, Shahzad offered me to work with him as a Senior Partner and manage all day to day tasks. He had other ventures going on and wanted a break from web development work. I took over and grew the MRR by 500% in 3 months. Since then, I’ve been working as CTO at Designsvalley and manage almost everything from hiring to sales.